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Define: BLACK is a video series sharing personal stories to build the movement for racial justice.

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Racism is our collective reality.

It is the foundation this country was built on.
It lives in our institutions, influences our policies,
and lurks in our everyday interactions.

We cannot ignore it, deny it, or obscure it.

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It is time to have a real conversation about race and injustice.

If we are going to build a better world,
opting out is not an option.

All around the country, the movement for change is building.
The hashtags, headlines and heartache all attest to it.

We are here to build the movement for racial justice by initiating conversations and sharing personal stories of people of color.

We invite you to listen, stand up and speak up.

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Help us build our audience and share these personal stories with the world.

Take Action

Stand up, speak up and join the conversation about race and injustice.

Learn More

Learn about the most pressing racial issues with these resources.

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Take the pledge to join the conversation.

I’m ready to stand up, speak up and show up for an America
where all black lives matter and where all are truly equal.

By adding my name, I’m pledging to not be silent.
I’m pledging to take action to combat racial injustice.

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Define: BLACK

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